The legend behind the name Luxury Abstract began 2008 in New York City. That is when a hand crafted vehicle called the “PresiBent” would take the world by storm. The car was a creative creation formed by our designer “Agim Jones,” that combined parts from six different luxury makes to flawlessly execute on a car that would grace the cover of RIDES magazine.



The issue circulated world-wide and the car became a big hit in Japan thanks to friends and supporters. There, it grew a huge cult type following and set trends in the vip scene.  The increased popularity of the color green, silver mirrors, and combination of flat/glossy paint textures were among some of them.




It is even argued that the positioning of the headlights/grill and timing of the magazine release may have inspired the new look of the 2012 GT Continental front end.



When asked what his goal in the formation of the vehicle was, he responded “to create a Luxury Abstract.”  Instantly, the gears began to turn. With a strong passion for luxury cars and abstract artwork, the brand was a natural progression.  Attention to detail and creative idea’s backed by reason look to make the company more than just a forged rim brand, they look to be the future of after-market luxury wheels and accessories.



11 Comments on “About”

  1. Rodneyc77 says:

    That’s on hell of a Legend… Well communicated.

  2. Yoga says:

    You couldn’t be more right on…

  3. That was a really great blog post!

  4. Hello, many thanks for sharing your thinking in About . This is actually an awesome blog.

  5. Brent Hughes says:

    looking for 19″x9.5 and 19″x11 in grassor. 5×112

  6. Jason says:

    Hey we would like to know if you are entertaining sponsorships this season. We have our own shop show car (illusions auto acc) in new York. The car will be at the ny javitz center show and eurofest in April and we would love to promote your wheels on this car as we are installing an air suspension setup on this vehicle right now. We are shooting for the first ever VIP m3 convertible. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks much. -Jason

  7. jose says:

    How am i able to purchase a set of wheel

  8. I’m looking to buy a set of wheels: 19×10, 19×12 Grassor-C matte black, WV2 Silvertone inserts, same set up like those on:

    Anywhere I could buy this set up?


  9. I am the owner of Brad Fab Industries in media PA. I would like to be in contact with you about several projects that I have in the shop right now. I’d like to work with you on these for the show season. Please contact me at 610 566 0322. I’m trying to bring something unique out this show season and I think your wheels would really set it off like crazy. Most of the builders right now do not think outside the box and keep going the simple route just to get the projects done. We are continuously going outside the norm and are raising the bar with every build.
    Steve Bradley
    Brad Fab Industries

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