UK’s Widebody Aristo

Lam from the UK has built an impressive VIP project over the years.  His Aristo features an all metal widebody which extends to the doors and keeps the factory body line along the quarter panels & fenders.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail really sets this car apart.  What will set it apart even further are the 19×13 Mador’s which will be going on here shortly.

This is our first of hopefully many colaborations with our European and Australian retailer Vogue Auto Design.

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BMW E66 745LI on 22″ Mador’s

The BMW 745Li has been one of BMW’s riskiest vehicles in terms of styling.  It broke away from the sleek lines of the 90’s E38 and replaced it with a bulky body with futuristic looking parts.  When you first laid eyes on this model, you most likely formed a strong opinion.  Some loved it while others hated it-

until they seen this E66.

Jim gave us a call and told us he wanted to build his car to be VIP styled and we were thrilled since it hasn’t been executed (outside of Japan at least).  The platform is very fitting being a big body refined German flagship luxury sedan.  The unorthodox styling of the car would eventually gain it a reputation in the DUB scene.  This would present a challenge for the E65/66 to be accepted as a vip styled vehicle as the stock body styles are not as loud.  Gaudiness is only accepted if executed with precision in the vip scene where as in DUB, there are no limits.

Excessive lowering of the suspension, negative camber adjustments, proper wheel selection and fitment would all have to be spot on to bring out the untapped potential.  The Mador seemed like the perfect wheel for this particular 7 series. The aggressiveness of the concave matches that of the AC Schnitzer spoilers on the 3/4 angles while the silhouette of the wheel face compliments the body lines on the side profile.  It has a modern appeal to it which ties the whole package together.

What you see below was a collective effort to help turn this dream into a reality.  Special thanks to Platinum VIP for the suspension parts and installation and Jim for choosing us to best represent his vision.

Wheel Specs: 22×10.5, 22×12, Brushed with chrome lips.

Picture credit: Luxeboxmedia.

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350Z on Grassor-C’s

Our wheels are created with luxury sedans and coupe’s in mind.  That is not to say they can’t work well on other types of cars.  It is always refreshing to get our products on a different type of vehicle.  This time around we got a set out to Vermont on Mikey’s 350z.

When Mikey ordered his wheels, he did so with the intention of doing body work onto the rear quarter panels to be able to fit a larger outer barrel.  He also wanted to have a unique color combo that would compliment his Z.

His previous set of wheels were black-faced but he felt that this set should have some white in it to bring out the details that often get lost on dark wheels.  The task was to come up with a scheme that included enough white without becoming overkill.  When we created the Grassor-C, we placed many lines and edges that could be used to give customers more options when it comes to customization.  We chose to just color the inserts and leave the sides of the spokes, spokes, and register black.  The inserts were factory matched to his pearl white shade which makes our quilted engraving pop.

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Widebody M35S: complete

Dreamakers Kustoms completed the body work on Chris’ M35S today and the car is being delivered tomorrow.  We will have an official photo shoot coming shortly both with the brushed Stella wheel lips and the chrome lips which he plans to add in the near future.

The car now gets lower in the rear.  The Porsche exhaust tips were also fitted better into the bumper.  The overall look is night and day vs. his previous unfinished version.

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Widebody M35S: Continued

Chris’ car is just about complete.  The sides and bumpers have been painted.  All that is left is reassembly and a cut n buff of the clear coat.

Chris’ Stella’s are going in for a new look as well.  The car how ever will be completed prior to his wheels.  We will keep you posted on both.


Widebody Infiniti M35S: Continued

We went to check up on Chris’ car and was blown away the moment I seen it.  The presence it now has is insane.

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Widebody Infiniti M35S: Continued

A few updates back, we showed you that Chris was looking to modify a lip from another car to fit his bumper.  Unique and custom is what we are about but overall execution is the most important part to us. Chris and Dreamakers Kustoms came to the conclusion that sectioning the sides and molding them would be the best way to go about it.  This way the bumper does not hang too low as he is not modifying the side skirts this time around.

The picture above is in the very early raw stages but you can get a feel for what it is going to look like once sanded to shape.  With the new wider front and rear fenders, the car is going to look like a beefier stock model like the BMW M’s and Audi RS’.  People are going to be mislead thinking the “S” version comes this way.  Stay tuned to see more updates .