Grassor Pillar Posts

Since we debuted our Admiror pillars, they have been a big hit.  We have made a few different styles to compliment some of our wheels and give customers many options in personalizing their vehicles.

Our Grassor pillars were done in the same style as the wheel.  The solid outers can be done in a different color than the mid section.  The four diamonds were inspired by the Grassor-C in 20.”  The pillars accentuate the look of the car when matched with the wheels.  These are only available for sedans.  Coupe owners, look into our Solis pillars for a similar style.

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License Plate Frame: Brushed Silver

Below we give you the first look at the Luxury Abstract license plate frames in Brushed Silver.

Crafted by hand are these beautiful North American license plate holders.  We can build them to fit other size plates upon request.  A complimentary frame is included with every wheel order.

Why ruin the look of your luxury car or exotic with a generic plastic plate tag holder when you can be the only one in your area with our luxurious quilted frame?


Luxury Abstract License Plate Frames

We finally got our hands on some hi-res photo’s of our license plate frames.  One frame in the color choice of the customer, is included per each wheel order.  The complimentary gifts and overal buyers experience help make Luxury Abstract what it is.  If you would like to purchase a frame without ordering a set of wheels, they are $160 USD each.

Photo Credits: Evoked Photography

We pride ourselves on creativity and unique concepts.  A true luxury company has to bring new ideas and concepts to the table and we feel like we are just getting started with this.  Stay tuned as we look to show you more hi-res pictures in the next few days.


First Look: Luxury Abstract Pendents

Our new pendents can be worn as jewelry or on the rear view mirror of your vehicle.  The pendants come with the chain and they are both made out of wood.  We plan to offer them for $115 in black, white, red,  or blue.  For $85 more, they can be  done in wood grain patterns to match your interior.

They measure at 3″ or about 8cm.

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Complimentary Luxury Abstract Tag Holders

We don’t sell Luxury Abstract, customers buy us.  There is nothing more flattering than having a person place our products on their prized possessions.  Because of this, we want to make the process as unique and rewarding to the client as we can.  This goes with our packaging, customer service, insight on new products prior to release, and complimentary gifts such as our patent pending wrapped license plate frames.  They are hand made in the US and available in different color: vinyl, stitching, embroidery and even available in two-tone.  The possibilities are virtually endless.

One comes free with every wheel order, MSRP $160 each

*Shown in North American License plate size.  We can do other plates as well.


Luxury Abstract License Plate Holders

Luxury Abstract is earning the reputation of “the fashion designer of the car world.”  After a month of real life testing in harsh rainstorms and multiple car washes, we are proud to present to you our license plate frames.  As you can see, they are not your typical tag holders.  No detail is over looked when it comes to our products.  We pride ourselves on our unique concepts and ideas.

These are all hand crafted in the USA.  Every single frame is given a final inspection to assure that all the stitching is perfectly straight and that they are assembled properly with no loose ends.  We back them by a no hassle 1 year warranty.  Wheel orders receive a complementary frame in the owners choice of color along with logo and stitching shade.  All other customers are given a choice of set colors. Read the rest of this entry »

Luxury Neck Pads

Luxury Abstract neck pads made by hand using real leather.  They are color and material matched per your specific model.*  Because of this, they are made to order to fit the clients specific needs.  Whether you own a Lexus or a Bentley, our neck pads will have the same quality leather as from the factory.

*Buyer assumes responsibility when selecting the shade of their leather.