Hybrid Series: Solis

Here are some more pictures of our new wheel from the Hybrid Series, the Solis.

Photo Credits: Evoked Photography

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Hybrid Series: Solis

New for 2012 is the introduction of the Hybrid series.  The Luxury Abstract Hybrids combine design cues from different wheels to create an offspring.  The parents are carefully selected from both our main lines (Luxury, Abstract).

With the Solis, we chose to take the silhouette of our split 5 spoke the Stella (Abstract) and give it the cross or quilted pattern* found in the Grassor (Luxury).  We made the wheel a solid five by adding an inner portion between the spokes which is sunken in lower than the edges.  This part of the wheel was extended from the edge of the spoke all the way to center of the wheel with no breaks or dips like an inner skin to the split spokes.  Lots of unique color schemes can come from this wheel since the spokes, inner skin and quilted engraving, can each be a different color/finish.  We also added some more details to the register to add to give the Solis an even more refined look.  The result is a unique full faced 5 spoke with sexy curves and enough class to be on 5th ave.

Photo Credit: Evoked Photography

*Patent pending

Shown in: 19×9.5 Brushed w/clear coat finish, raw polished lips

We carefully select the names of all our wheels.  With this wheel being a Hybrid, the goal was to come up with a unique combination of the two parent names.  With term Stella meaning “star” and one of the definitions for the Grassor being “to Gravitate”, we instantly thought of the sun.  The term for that in Latin is “Solis.”


Hybrid Series: Solis

I am proud to announce that we finished development for our new wheel to kick off the Hybrid series, the “Solis.”  The Stella and the Grassor styling were combined and tweaked to make this new masterpiece.  This was our quickest design to complete at 8 days mainly because we used an existing wheel the Stella, as the base.

Naming the wheel was the hardest part.  We had a few creative submissions from “Stella-Ssor” which is a combination of the two, and “Cometa” which means comet.  We went with something different.

Grassor: to go about, proceed, attack, gravitate.

Stella: star.

The solar system gravitates around the largest star, the sun (Solis).

Here is the first peak at the Luxury Abstract Solis from the Hybrid Series.