Admiror Limited on GS430

Luxury Abstract Admiror Limited 1 of 12.

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Admiror Limited on Lexus GS430

We stumbled upon a few more pictures of our GS.  The Admiror Limited shown in 19×9, 19×10 step lip configuration.

Also pictured are our pillars.  As you can see, the pictures were taken after it just rained out.  For those who have asked, customers have yet to report any issues with our pillars due to rain or car washes.  Their durability was tested prior to releasing to the public which is why we back them by a 1-year warranty.

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Admiror Limited on Lexus GS430

Pic Credits: Evoked photography.




Limited Edition Admiror on VIP Style Lexus GS430

The Liberty VIP GS430 debuted our first set of wheels this past Spring.  We wanted to make it special by releasing the limited model with our patent pending quilted engraving prior to the standard version.  There was lots of controversy surrounding the Admiror due to this.  It is now regarded as genius and many are taking notice at the creative yet elegant ideas and designs that are Luxury Abstract.

Naturally, any new concept will take some time to be accepted but luxury looks to lead, not follow.  We do not intend for our products to be watered down where they are accepted by all as a premium company disguised as luxury would do.  As Porsche is credited for saying “If I see two Porsches on the same street, then I begin to worry.”

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Limited Edition Admiror

The Admiror is the first wheel we created.  Because of that, we decided to make a special version of it which would not be available for everyone, and release it before the standard model to let the people know we are here.  This variation with the patent-pending quilted engraving is only limited to 12 sets.  While the engraving was done for ascetics, it also shaves off about 5% of the weight of the face.

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Limited Edition Admiror Preview

The Limited edition Admiror is being released in a small run of only 12 sets.  The other than being numbered, the difference between this version and the standard version is the quilted engraving.  More details on the wheel to come.

This is the type of packaging you should expect from a Luxury Abstract product.

Stay tuned for more pictures as well as details on this wheel.