New York Auto Show April 6th-12th

April is an exciting month for car enthusiasts.  The New York International Auto Show debuts many new vehicles and concept models that will give us a glimpse of what is ahead.  We were originally going to have a booth but a couple of our projects were delayed.  This does not mean we will not be there covering the event.  The show is a week-long from April 6th-12th at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

One of the booths I plan to spend lots of time at is Fisker.  This new company has blown our minds since we seen the Karma in person.  They plan to debut multiple new cars at the event including the Atlantic.  Judging by the images posted online, it seems like it will live up to the hype.  Check out some preview pics

Who else feels that it would be better with some Luxury Abstract wheels?  The beautiful curves of the car would be at home with designs from the Abstract line such as the Stella. Read the rest of this entry »



The year 2012 is just around the corner.  We have many new products in development.  Some may make the final cut, others will not.  One of our ideas that we look to implement is the formation of a new sub category to Luxury Abstract wheels.  Currently, we have the Luxury Collection which features the Grassor, Grassor-C, Admiror and the soon to be Mador.  The Abstract line consists of the Chaos, Stella, and the Stella-X.  We are proud to announce our new line, LA Hybrid.  Although the weight savings from switching from cast wheels to forged will get you better gas mileage, that is not what we mean by Hybrid.  This unique concept combines wheel designs from both lines to form a new works of art.

Our first creation combines:

 Grassor from the Luxury Collection


 Stella from the Abstract Line

Stay tuned for our 3D rendering of the wheel coming shortly.


Luxury Abstract 1 Year Anniversary

While it seems like we have only been out in the public for a few months, it has actually been a full year since we been in business.  The first half of the year involved designing, testing and developing the unique products that we are known for.  To celebrate, we are offering special savings on our “Admiror” style pillars and license plate frames from now until January 1st 2012. Read the rest of this entry »

Luxury Abstract Wins “Hottest Wheels” at Import Evolution

Sunday, 9-11-11, we had a booth at the Import Evolution indoor car show in Worcester MA.  Four of our wheels were on display, 2 from the Luxury line (seen in boxes) and two from our Abstract line.  Shockingly, we managed to win the “Hottest Wheels” 1st place award despite the stiff competition from various Japanese, German and American wheel brands on hand.  It is our first time receiving any type of recognition and we are very proud about this award.  Thank you.

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Naming Our Products

Each wheel we produce has a story as to how it came about.  Inspiration can come from anywhere and we often get it from the strangest places.  An idea which doesn’t seem like much at the time, can be combined with another to form a unique concept.  From there, our engineers have to assure the wheel is structurally sound for the road.  Sometimes, certain details are lost in that process so this requires lots of tweaking to create something as close to what we envisioned, as possible.

Effort is used naming our wheels instead of combining random letters or numbers together.  How many of us refer to our cars by name?  As an enthusiast, you don’t view your vehicle as metal and plastic but as something that has given you great memories and/or a sense of pride. Read the rest of this entry »

Luxury and Abstract

The name of our company isn’t just a catchy phrase, it is what defines us.  Luxury and art, working together to form a unique brand.  We split our three-piece forged aluminum wheels into two lines; Luxury and Abstract.  They both consist of fresh designs but each one will be very distinctive from the other, while staying in the same universe.

The Luxury line consists of clean, traditional wheel styles with modern touches to them.  You can say there is a splash of “fashion” found in their appearance but it does not over power the elegant concepts.  Refined cuts and engraving make these wheels appealing to even the untrained eye.

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How It All Began

We just added an “About” tab to the top right corner.  Be sure to read the unique story of our designer and how the brand was formed through the creation of a custom vehicle.