Video: 350Z on Grassor-C

Owner: Mikey Condon from VT, USA

Wheels: 19×10, 19×12 Grassor-C matte black, pearl white inserts

Solis Pillars, 2 tone Luxury Abstract license plate frame

Video by: Jim Davis




Check out this beautiful video that Kenny Cano put together from our last car show, BLACK 2.

This year, we hope for better weather but as you can see, nothing can stop some of these guys from attending.  Special thanks to Liberty VIP.

BLACK 3 is being held on Saturday Oct 6th, 2012 in Raceway Park, Englishtown NJ.  We are raffling off a free set of 3pc Luxury Abstract forged wheels so you will not want to miss this one.


Video: Admiror on Bentley GT

On high-end saloon’s, you can’t just put any after market wheel on there and be guaranteed a win.  This is why we are here.

The Luxury Abstract Admiror on the Bentley GT.

Credit: Daily Fresh


Brendan Kennedy Tribute Video

We apologize for the lack of posts the past two weeks.  We lost a friend in Brendan Kennedy.  BK was the owner of the silver F50 Q45 widebody.  It was the first to have the Luxury Abstract Grassor-C wheels and the matching Grassor Pillars.  While the car was one of the hottest on the internet, he never got to see it in real life.  Brendan who was 26, was loved by many for being so humble, caring and positive.  Before he passed away, he asked if we could arrange a Kenny Cano video for his car.  We felt it was our duty to do a 8-9 hour round trip to get this done and we have to thank Kenny for making it happen.  Brendan will forever live on as a legend who left this world early, but on top of the hobby he loved most.

All Luxury Abstract sales in the month of Oct., will go to the Kennedy family.


Grassor Video

We teamed up with one of the best videographers around, Kenny Cano to release a series of wheel videos.  Kenny has an artistic way of doing things with the camera and that is what drew us to him.  The wheel is the Grassor from our Luxury Collection and is shown in 19×10, step lip configuration.  Just in case you are wondering, those boxes come with every set of wheels and are boxed a second time in a standard box, prior to shipment.