350Z on High Polish Mador’s

Picture credits: The Fitted Agency


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Video: 350Z on Grassor-C

Owner: Mikey Condon from VT, USA

Wheels: 19×10, 19×12 Grassor-C matte black, pearl white inserts

Solis Pillars, 2 tone Luxury Abstract license plate frame

Video by: Jim Davis


350Z on Grassor-C’s

Our wheels are created with luxury sedans and coupe’s in mind.  That is not to say they can’t work well on other types of cars.  It is always refreshing to get our products on a different type of vehicle.  This time around we got a set out to Vermont on Mikey’s 350z.

When Mikey ordered his wheels, he did so with the intention of doing body work onto the rear quarter panels to be able to fit a larger outer barrel.  He also wanted to have a unique color combo that would compliment his Z.

His previous set of wheels were black-faced but he felt that this set should have some white in it to bring out the details that often get lost on dark wheels.  The task was to come up with a scheme that included enough white without becoming overkill.  When we created the Grassor-C, we placed many lines and edges that could be used to give customers more options when it comes to customization.  We chose to just color the inserts and leave the sides of the spokes, spokes, and register black.  The inserts were factory matched to his pearl white shade which makes our quilted engraving pop.

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