2013 New Release: Jungo

New for 2013 is the Jungo from our Luxury Collection.  The name means “unity” in Latin.  We chose the name because it was the feeling I got when looking at the top and bottom spokes intertwining in unity to form one.



This was one of my longer designs to finalize as it took on many different shapes and forms along the process.  The idea was in my mind for two years as I have always had a thing for twisted 6 spoke wheels but didn’t have a unique enough concept to make it my own to bare the Luxury Abstract name tag until recently.  It was initially going to be placed into the “Abstract Line” but was modified and you can say toned down a bit, to fit into the Luxury Collection.  The wheel will be available in 3pc only, 18″-22″ step lip or reverse.  It is shown in light concave but can be made in medium, aggressive and super aggressive. Expect pictures of the actual wheel some time in April.



350Z on High Polish Mador’s

Picture credits: The Fitted Agency


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Video: 350Z on Grassor-C

Owner: Mikey Condon from VT, USA

Wheels: 19×10, 19×12 Grassor-C matte black, pearl white inserts

Solis Pillars, 2 tone Luxury Abstract license plate frame

Video by: Jim Davis


BMW E66 745LI on 22″ Mador’s

The BMW 745Li has been one of BMW’s riskiest vehicles in terms of styling.  It broke away from the sleek lines of the 90’s E38 and replaced it with a bulky body with futuristic looking parts.  When you first laid eyes on this model, you most likely formed a strong opinion.  Some loved it while others hated it-

until they seen this E66.

Jim gave us a call and told us he wanted to build his car to be VIP styled and we were thrilled since it hasn’t been executed (outside of Japan at least).  The platform is very fitting being a big body refined German flagship luxury sedan.  The unorthodox styling of the car would eventually gain it a reputation in the DUB scene.  This would present a challenge for the E65/66 to be accepted as a vip styled vehicle as the stock body styles are not as loud.  Gaudiness is only accepted if executed with precision in the vip scene where as in DUB, there are no limits.

Excessive lowering of the suspension, negative camber adjustments, proper wheel selection and fitment would all have to be spot on to bring out the untapped potential.  The Mador seemed like the perfect wheel for this particular 7 series. The aggressiveness of the concave matches that of the AC Schnitzer spoilers on the 3/4 angles while the silhouette of the wheel face compliments the body lines on the side profile.  It has a modern appeal to it which ties the whole package together.

What you see below was a collective effort to help turn this dream into a reality.  Special thanks to Platinum VIP for the suspension parts and installation and Jim for choosing us to best represent his vision.

Wheel Specs: 22×10.5, 22×12, Brushed with chrome lips.

Picture credit: Luxeboxmedia.

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Grassor Pillar Posts

Since we debuted our Admiror pillars, they have been a big hit.  We have made a few different styles to compliment some of our wheels and give customers many options in personalizing their vehicles.

Our Grassor pillars were done in the same style as the wheel.  The solid outers can be done in a different color than the mid section.  The four diamonds were inspired by the Grassor-C in 20.”  The pillars accentuate the look of the car when matched with the wheels.  These are only available for sedans.  Coupe owners, look into our Solis pillars for a similar style.

Contact sales@luxuryabstract.com for more info



In December, we showed you guys our new wheel from the Luxury Collection, the Mador.  Since then, we made a few tweaks to cut down the weight as well as refined the look.  Here is the finished version.

Photo Credits: Evoked Photography

We now offer the wheel in 4 different concave levels just like the Grassor-C.  Shown above is a medium concave 19″ wheel

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Hybrid Series: Solis

I am proud to announce that we finished development for our new wheel to kick off the Hybrid series, the “Solis.”  The Stella and the Grassor styling were combined and tweaked to make this new masterpiece.  This was our quickest design to complete at 8 days mainly because we used an existing wheel the Stella, as the base.

Naming the wheel was the hardest part.  We had a few creative submissions from “Stella-Ssor” which is a combination of the two, and “Cometa” which means comet.  We went with something different.

Grassor: to go about, proceed, attack, gravitate.

Stella: star.

The solar system gravitates around the largest star, the sun (Solis).

Here is the first peak at the Luxury Abstract Solis from the Hybrid Series.